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Each year we highlight four projects we believe will make the biggest difference to our community. Support the projects that mean the most to you and help us fulfill these goals.

Open the dropdown tabs to learn more about each project, then follow along as progress is made!

Current projects will remain open until 2023 goals have been posted.

Development of Symptom Evaluation Tools
symptom development tools
symptom development tools

There has never been a validated tool to help clinicians document patient UTI symptoms as part of an accurate diagnosis. Live UTI Free research associates are working with patients and clinicians to change this. 

Thanks to your support and participation, we have recently validated two clinician tools. Now,  we need to take the next big step. Read more…

Patient Recruitment For UTI Research
patient recruitment
patient recrutiment

Did you know that lack of patient participation is one of the reasons many clinical trials fail, and new products or treatments are not brought to market? When you support patient recruitment, you’re helping connect UTI patients with clinical trials that may provide new solutions, and scientific research that furthers the understanding of UTIs. 

Research and clinical trials are sorely needed in this space and you can help make this happen! Learn more about how you can become involved.

Expert Video Interview Series
expert video interviews
expert video interviews

Interviews with community-nominated recurrent and chronic UTI experts have become an important resource for our community. 

Your support allows us to create more content based on community requests, and help more people on their own journey to find answers. Learn more

Translating Our Resources For Improved Access
expert video interviews

Our community spans the globe, but our use of language does not. Crucial information must be translated for those who need it. 

Support helps us engage translation professionals to make our resources available to more people, faster. Read more

Fulfilled Community-Funded Projects 

2022 Take to Your Doctor Resource

A project in high demand from the UTI community, the ‘Take to Your Doctor’ resource was released in April 2022. The materials have already been downloaded by thousands of patients to share with their healthcare team, with that number growing every day. 

Including an educational resource for clinicians, a patient guide to help prepare for appointments, and an enhanced diagnostic directory, this project has the potential to reshape how patients and clinicians communicate about UTIs. 

2021 French Website Translations 

We worked with Maylis, our first French intern, to translate core content for our French-speaking community members. In just three months, Maylis translated the Live UTI Free home page, many articles, and subtitles for important expert interviews on our YouTube channel

With community members in 100+ countries, it is only through continued community support that we are able to extend the accessibility of recurrent and chronic UTI resources to other regions of the world. Our French content is now being accessed in France, Belgium, Tunisia, Algeria and other countries.

How We’re Funded

Live UTI Free is a social business that was funded by our founders for the first three years in order to maintain neutrality and independence. Our organization is not a listed non-profit, however, we operate under the guidance of an ethics board and a central mission. 

We have forged relationships with partners that align with our mission and put patients first, but these collaborations do not cover all the work we do. This is where your support is vital.

Everything we’ve created and shared has come from our personal commitment to make change in women’s health. We designate funds to projects on a priority basis via input from patients, our supporters, and our research. Read our funding policy to learn more.

Please note that our organizational status means that any receipt for contributions is evidence of payment but cannot be used as a tax deduction.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us . We’re always open to hearing your thoughts or ideas.